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of Lips and was dedicated to the Theotokos Panachrantos3 but was not the church of that name with which it has been identified by the authorities above mentioned.1
The correctness of these positions can be readily established. First, that a monastery of the Panachrantos and the monastery of Lips were different Houses is evident from the express statements of the pilgrim Zosimus to that effect. For3 according to that visitor to the shrines of the city, a monastery,  de Panakhran,'2 stood near S. Sophia3 c non loin de Sainte Sophie.' Stephen of Novgorod refers to the monastery of the c Panacrante'3 also in the same connection. And the proximity of the House to the great cathedral may be inferred likewise from the statements of the pilgrim Alexander4 and of the anonymous pilgrim.5 On the other hand5 Zosimus speaks of the monastery of Lips, c couvent de femmes Lipesi,'6 as situated in another part of the city. It was closely connected with the monastery of Kyra Martha/ from which to S. Sophia was a far cry. The distinction of the two monasteries iss moreover^ confirmed by the historians Pachymeres8 and Nicephorus Gregoras,9 who employ the terms Panachrantos and Lips to designate two distinct monastic establishments situated in different quarters of the capital
In the next place, the monastery of Lips did not stand at the point marked by Demirjilar Mesjedi. The argument urged in favour of its position at that point is the fact that the monastery is described as near the church of the Holy ApOStles {ir\irja>tov r&v ayit&v airocrToXwv). But while proximity to the Holy Apostles must mark any edifice claiming to be the monastery of Lips, that proximity
1  To Mtthlmann  and Mordtmann, Esq.  top. paragraph  127,  belongs the credit of the identification of Phener6 Isa Mesjedi with the monastery of Lips. But 1 have not seen any full statement of their reasons for that opinion.
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